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Music In Thee Glen

Music In Thee Glen

Music in Thee Glen plays new releases of contemporary and traditional Celtic music and roots music from North America. A show will take you down the ‘bo-reen’, to bracken and heather covered misty mountains, kelp strewn rocky sea shores or even the mosh pit at a Celtic rock concert. The ‘Sports Desk’ is a bit of ‘craic’, but will keep you up to date with Gaelic games, and Sporting Events and Teams.

Chris Higgins
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1 day ago
Durang's Hornpipe - Bobby Taylor

We are on the air, 9-10am every Sunday, and you get some music before the show as well, usually what was played the week before, so 2 hours of contemporary and trad, 'celtic music'. We had a few ... See more

Bobby Taylor, West Virginia fiddler plays Durang's Hornpipe with some amazing bouncing bow work! Recorded at the Western Open Fiddle Contest.