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Noise Brigade Coming Back? Stay Tuned…

Hello friends and lovers, as you know I ended my ska show Noise Brigade.

I had my reasons at the time. Seemed a good idea at the time. No need to run through the reasons in my head, but I had felt the show had ran its course.

It wasn’t until the show ended, however, that I learned how appreciated the show was. Yes, it was a pretty niche show. Ska itself is a niche genre of music that goes through occasional revivals, but usually stays within more a cult community of skankers.

When you’re behind a board it can seem sometimes like you’re talking into the void. But people do listen, and people do care. It’s certainly good to know and it shows in our recent WTSQ fundraiser, which blew the doors off of what we raised last year. Noise Brigade had listeners who cared about it and appreciated the music and the different types of artists I played on the show; artists who don’t normally get radio airplay.

Then, David Scarpelli of 69 Fingers fame sent me a link. He had composed a theme song for Noise Brigade.

He did this unprompted and hadn’t been told the show was no more.

So, after talking to WTSQ President and Grand Poobah Chris Long, Noise Brigade will be coming back. We’re working on what day the show will move to, and there will be days when the show is pre-recorded and not live. But because of you all, I do feel compelled to give the show another go if you’re compelled to keep listening.