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Welcome The Night

Welcome the Night

We like to open with blazing riffs that pay tribute to a day of life about to pass, and when you notice the sun has fallen below the western mountains, we’ll throw in something moody to match the twilight and make you comfortable with fate.

But don’t get too comfortable. In the final hour we are going to make you work for that Saturday night on Capitol St, blowing your mind with the best in new hard rock, desert, stoner, doom, psych, and a whole lot more. So if hard rock music is your salvation, tune in from 8-10pm on Saturdays and Welcome the Night with the rest of Charleston.

Seth DiStefano
Listen on 88.1 FM
Monday thru Friday
8:00pm – 10:00pm


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1 year ago
Freedom Hawk

We just couldn’t resist to post this fan video of “Coming After You” that was sent to New album Beast Remains Out Now - Ripple Music♠️🔥🦅 Enjoy, ~FH~

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