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Automatic – Signal

A trio of young red-shirt girls from Los Angeles, Automatic comes out on fire with its debut LP, Signal. Its pleasant, unique extract of punk is tastefully clean and upbeat while still playing out in left field. Signal shows us a surfy new-wave that, for being deeply rooted in nostalgia, feels progressive.

I’m a big fan of their single “Calling It” for its off-grid rhythms and funkaliciousness. We can feel the energy from their live shows across the nation, and that same energy is present throughout the album.

Izzy Glaudini, synthesizer, makes MVP with her ethereal textures, thick lead hooks, and groovy bass lines. The drums by Lola Dompé (former member of BlackBlack) are tight, punchy, dancy, and she’s not afraid to escape the box. Halle Saxon glues it together with her bass, which gender bends toward the timbre of a guitar, letting Izzy hold down the bass register like on “Suicide In Texas”. All three seduce with their hot and cold voices—harmonizing catchy refrains.


I can’t help but think of Charleston’s own Static Fur. Let’s just say all the members’ ladies might be appropriately jealous of these gloom-pop goddesses.