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Kefaya – Songs Of Our Mothers

Kefaya is a world-jazz fusion that tears down walls using both its music and political messaging. The album, Songs Of Our Mothers, features Afghan-Hazara refugee, Elaha Soroor, singing folk songs by Afghan women weaved between cultural traditions from around the globe.

The album is itself a resilient protest against the patriarchy from which Elaha was forced to flee. It’s a good thing she escaped to the free world because out in the open air, her voice shines like the sun.

Kefaya + Elaha Soroor

The producer duo, UK-based immigrant musicians, Giuliano Modarelli and Al MacSween, curate the perfect guest artists to complement her and bombastically smash the borders between Afghanistan, Europe, India, and the western world. The instrumentation is incredible. They pack this second release with classical integrity and produce it with beautiful care.

It’s a trip—an epic, romantic journey.

Don’t set off before packing your bags properly or the passionately jarring opening track, “Jama Narenji”, might turn you away from this voyage.

If you catch scurvy along the way and can’t continue, make sure you listen to “Arose Jane Madar”. I love the dub influence on this dreamy track.

“Charsi” is also a banger, with a surprisingly apt use of auto-tuned vocals.

It’s pieces like these that bring the ship closer to home for us western listeners. The use of jazz themes, dub rhythms, synths, and auto-tuning (only once throughout the album, I might add), ensure we don’t feel as lost in open sea as one might at times.

If you enjoy exploring new and foreign frontiers, it’s worth many listens.