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Ty Segall – First Taste

After last year’s (count em…) FOUR full length albums, the psychedelic stoner rockstar sets down his electric guitar to orchestrate First Taste. What’s funny is you might not notice a lack of guitar at all as it sure sounds like the ole Ty Segall we’ve always loved.

This record is a small step for man, giant leap for Segall-kind. He’s stepping into a more mature and developed future, entering a wax-operatic comparable to Jack White’s newer solo mentality. Hints of Zeppelin and Sgt. Peppers are sprinkled over folky and crunchy chaos.

Before hearing First Taste, I would have told you Ty Segall had long ago embraced a high level of creativity and loose experimentation. But now, I smile listening to Ty chase the horizon of his limits, juggling just about every stringed instrument he can get his hands on that isn’t a guitar. And as avant-garde as it is, it’s still punk as hell. I mean, what’s more punk than a cacophony of recorders?

Ty Segall live

He’s still the same king of sludgy neo-punk, pumping out albums effortlessly. After the impressive live compilation he released earlier this year, Deforming Lobes, it’s nice to see him slow down a bit and focus on something really intentional.

At least as much as Ty Segall can slow down and focus.

What’s most exciting about First Taste is disclaimed in the title. This is only the first taste.