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Fund Drive DJs – Pairing up, Remotes and More!

      FUND DRIVE IS HERE – DJs are Pairing up this week!       

This week, March 5th – 12th, is our 2022 FUND DRIVE! We know WTSQ means a lot to you too! This week is also special – we have DJs pairing up  (updated list here), remote shows throughout the city, special guests on The Afternoon Show, and much more!

Please don’t let this be one of those Charleston, WV “Remember when(s)”! Don’t let anyone say “Remember when we had that great independent community radio station!?” We want them to say “Charleston has THE BEST radio station – it’s on now, listen to it!”

– The 2022 WTSQ Fund drive is NOW and we need you more than ever!
We have to move out of the Union Building by end of  THE MONTH! We don’t have a home yet, but we will need one that’ll cost more than what we were paying! (Plus moving equipment costs…
– Our goal is to raise $20, 000 or 200 watts to keep this thing going.

So don’t miss our ever-changing schedule of DJs Pairing Up and more! 
NOTE: For the full list of shows, go to the calendar on the lower part of the home page.

Please take a moment and go to , Adopt A Watt, Save the Station! Thank you!