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Diary of a 90’s Fangirl

Dear Composition Notebook (that’s getting a little rough around the edges from being shoved into my handbag every day):

Haven’t checked in in a minute…how are you guys faring out there in the world of Delta? Hopefully, you are vaxxed, masked and doing your best to not collapse under all of the new pressures of this era.
I hope that you are well, and that your inner circle is also well.

Big things are on the horizon for all of us that are simply plugging along right now. I can feel it in my 47 year old bones.

It has been nice to be able to look forward to things again, even if its a distanced hangout with pals. I got to go to brunch for the first time in maybe 5 years the other day…I felt like I was living large for that two hours and showed my appreciation for my brunch mates by buying another round for the table. I don’t know when I will get the opportunity to do that again, so I figured I needed to make the best of it. My chicken and waffles may have come from a box (as one of my brunch mates observed) but do you think I cared? It was still tasty and we had tons of laughs and excellent conversation. Which if I’m honest, was exactly what I was hungry for. The boxed chicken and waffles was simply filler. The waitress (that we all observed was either hungover or just the human equivalent to a rain cloud) could have brought me generic pop tarts and I would not have cared at all.

So again, my 90’s Fangirl Pals, I am hoping that you have determined what your calculated risk is. Even if it changes from day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute.

Yours in Fandom,