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Diary of a Fangirl

Diary of a 90’s Fangirl

Dear Composition Notebook,
Well, here we are again. New Year…New…Year. Holidays were kind of rough, I won’t lie. It finally happened. I got Covid. As a Retail Manager, there is simply no way for me to work from home. That manic time after Thanksgiving, I was useless to my team and my Child due to having Covid.  I have been saying that it was simply a matter of time. Not an “if” but more like a “when”. As a retail worker, I cannot control how the general customer population behaves. Don’t get me wrong, if someone is violent or belligerent, there is a protocol for me to follow. This protocol is to protect my team, other customers, and in some cases, to protect the offender themselves.

I have been playing it ultra-safe…without becoming a complete agoraphobic shut-in. I chose to live realistically, not in unfounded fear. There is a HUGE difference. I used to shower before I went to work. Now I shower upon returning home from work. Mara and I rotate out our sheets/towels more often than we did before the pandemic. We wear masks in public, wash our hands and maintain distancing guidelines. We are both vaccinated as well. Our personal choice, that I will stand by to the end.

We must live our lives. We also want other people to be able to live their lives as well. I won’t lie, it really freaks me out to know that there are people out there, that are younger than me, healthier than me, that have not made it out of Covid alive. Vibrant people. The world is now a colder place. I am so grateful to have made it through…mostly unscathed.

Science is real. Sickness is real. Death is real. Mortality is real. Life is real. Gratitude is real.

Yours in Fandom,
(of 90% 90s 10% of the Time – Thursday’s 6-8p ET)