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Thank You! We Met & Exceeded Our Fund Drive Goal!

Thank You! We Met and EXCEEDED Our Fund Drive Goal!

WTSQ wants to thank each and every one of our listeners who helped out with the 2022 fund drive!

You amazing people have made this fund drive the most successful one we’ve ever had! This support has come just in the nick of time for us, as we are facing the biggest challenge of our history as an organization. In less than a couple of weeks from the end of the drive, WTSQ stands to be without a home for the first time ever. While our team is working hard to find a new place for the station to live, all we know for sure is that our operating expenses will increase substantially going forward.

There’s nowhere else for us to turn for help covering these costs than you, our loyal family of supporters. You keep the lights on. You keep the transmitter blasting the best music. And, with your generosity during this fund drive, you chose to keep the station alive for years to come.

This is your station. We love you.