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Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice

Floralee Hark Cohen Cinema has hit several home runs this year with its inclusion of feel-good documentaries about important women in media. Recalling “RBG,” which was easily the cinema’s most attended feature of 2018, the cinema’s film selection committee has taken care to follow their most important feedback, butts in seats, when choosing its recent spate of films focusing on such pop culture icons as Joan Jett, Molly Ivins, and most recently the phenomenal singer Linda Ronstadt.

Linda Ronstadt was, for a time, “Beyonce, before Beyonce.” No wiser a sage than the impressive Bonnie Raitt offered up such praise for Ronstadt, who broke barriers, followed her own singular vision, and established herself as the first true female, all capital letters, ROCK STAR.

Fans will revel in the great music and lively pace of this movie, which balances excellent concert footage with informative interview clips from her peers, friends, and even Ms. Ronstadt, herself. From her humble beginnings as a child near the Mexican Border who once thought you sang in Spanish and spoke in English to her meteoric rise in the music scene, viewers are treated to a career you’ll likely never see recreated again.

This reviewer went in not knowing much about Linda Ronstadt and left the screening with tears of joy in his eyes after having shared the type of movie-going experience you seem to only get anymore at Floralee Hark Cohen Cinema, where a packed house means 30 fans of cinema whose emotions rise and fall almost in unison. Several times, viewers were exclaiming the kinds of “Woos” and “Yeahs” you only get after a special concert moment experienced in person. Additionally, there were also poignant moments where not a dry eye could be found.

You have a couple more chances to see this film at the Floralee Hark Cohen Cinema, and I highly recommend it. Schedule and tickets available at

Also screening this month: “Honeyland” | “Raise Hell: The Life and Times of Molly Ivins ”