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Almost 2021…

Diary of a 90’s Fangirl

Last entry of this God-Forsaken Year. I am not naive enough to think that I will wake up on 1.1.21 to any kind of normalcy, other than the continuing ripple effect of 2020. I am, however, hopeful that in 2021 that all of the hard work that I put into 2020, despite being knocked down, over and over and over and…you see the pattern, I’m sure…will at least somewhat, pay off.

Like many of you guys out there, I went through a few big life changes, all while dealing with the pandemic. There are certain things, that I hope that I will never take for granted again. My fellow Kittens, if you see me taking basic things in life for granted…please feel free to call me out.

I count myself lucky because I have had several people that have really been a true support system for Me and Mine this year. If you are taking a second to read these words, you are most likely one of them.

I am still going to stick by the advice that I gave in October though…Just because everything has changed…doesn’t mean that we can’t take some semi calculated risks.

Keep smiling my friends…I can see it despite your mask.

Yours in fandom.