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Member – Stephanie Hall, A Superfan Too!

“For a long time, the only way I knew what day or time it was, was because I was listening to WTSQ and knew the schedule.”

I met Stephanie Hall to interview her at Taylor Books – the very place I saw her perform on Open Mic Night earlier this year. Stephanie is a standup comedian, well-known in the Charleston/Huntington comedy scene. She will have her next performance on December 18th at BlackRoot Theatre in Belle, WV. (Drive-in theatre style or social-distance style). Please do not miss her performance!

Stephanie Hall and my friendship started because she was one of my few listeners to my show when it was in the LATE time slot. She messaged me on Facebook during my show, cheered me up when I sounded sad, made me laugh, a welcome connection, especially that late in the night. I came to find out that Stephanie is a superfan of WTSQ! As a superfan, she did what all great superfans do – took the next step and became a member during the 2016 Member Drive!

WTSQ memories and thoughts: Stephanie Hall LOVES WTSQ, mostly because of the diversity in music. Some shows remind her of mixtapes. She loves mixtapes – the first she ever got was from a boy she dated in high school – he made one that had Siouxsie and the Banshees cover of  The Passenger and many other songs ending with The Cure’s song, Letters to Elise. She said, “my brother recorded some Pantera and Slayer over that, then he took a total turn and recorded SlipKnot over that tape!” When she found out what he had done, she said, “You recorded over Siouxsie and The Banshees with SlipKnot!? Not even something cool like Mudvayne? Get out of my room!”

Stephanie told me about her first memories of WTSQ. She said, “I kept hearing this weird radio programming and couldn’t figure it out. I was so intrigued by that it took me a long time to figure out. It was not a regular type radio station”. Stephanie said her start was by listening to Mya Ross and Josh Gaffin, but could not figure out who the DJ was after their shows. “Who is the person who never talks between 3-5p?” She went to to see who the DJ was, found out it was “Otto” DJ (autoDJ). She also found that it was our Member Drive and signed up!

The first song she heard on WTSQ? Stephanie became upset, “I can’t remember! I wish I could remember!”. 90% 90s 10% of the Time is the program she relates most, due to the 90s being her “formative years.” Driving listening to Pearl Jam or Bush, or listening to Alanis Morrisette was usual day. (Side note: Stephanie could not believe Alanis was dating Uncle Joey on Full House. She was excited because he was a Red Wings fan – she showed this Detroit-born girl her Red Wings tattoo on her ankle! Very cool.)

Member memories: Stephanie has attended a BUNCH of the Live on the Levees over the years, especially WTSQ ones. She said that getting on stage with Bodega last summer (I have a video – I need to share!) and seeing Static Fur at Rock City Cake Company were two of her favorite times as a member. She also attended many other member parties.

We discussed live music, how much we miss it, and outdoor festivals. Stephanie said, “sweating is one thing, but sweating standing and watching a great band, you don’t notice the sweat. It takes you out of yourself”.

What are Stephanie’s favorite local bands? 

  • Static Fur
  • Hello June (she says, “I have a serious crush on her (Sara Rudy), then Emily Beane said who doesn’t?”
  • Duck City Music
  • Ole Justin Chambers. “He’s 22. He uses Brill Cream and dip-snuff like my Dad, and he said, “1000 comments he would cover WAP”.
  • Dutch Underwood – she says, “He does little stories in between his songs very John Prine like that.”
  • Lots of performers at the V Club – she loves Less Than Jake was a great one! She loves the “My Own Worst Enemy” single. She hopes the V Club and all others make it through COVID.

Stephanie’s first Charleston live music show:  The Big Bad performance at The Empty Glass for Halloween Hootenanny (she recommended I add to the database “Baby We Own This Town”)

Beginning Days of COVID – Stephanie invented a game based on the WTSQ DJs:

  • Logos on each card of the DJs and their pic on the other side.
  • Pick a topic out of the bucket
  • Pick a DJ card
  • then you have to write down what song that DJ would pick to play for that topic
  • The DJ reads all of them and picks the best one

What Should WTSQ do when COVID ends? Stephanie thinks we need to get all local musicians together and do a “We Are the World” at the Levee stage. Stephanie will hopefully be touring as a comedian soon, but won’t miss it. (she was supposed to in Canada last summer).

We talked about the DJ Doublea show, Taster’s Choice. “He was my emotional support Canadian during the election.” She uses it for her range of motion help, and we talked about how he could make the white bread band Eagles sound so cool – we laughed, “we can’t believe we are working out to the Eagles!”

We could NOT remember where DJ Doublea got the “Hey You Guys!” sample. Later, when I got home, she messaged me – it was driving her crazy, and she said, “it’s from The Electric Company” – I looked it up, and YEP it was Rita Moreno!

Thank you from all of us at WTSQ, Stephanie Hall, for being a listener, a superfan, and mostly a MEMBER!