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Hi, I’m Group E (Erica Simanek)! I play anything from Marilyn Manson to Dean Martin! I grew up lusting after Joe Perry of Aerosmith (mmmm!!)  and definitely love many rock stars! From partying backstage at Live Aid in Philly,  lots of concerts in the US, working at The Bayou in DC, and my default move of going after bass players (instead of lead singers!) and making great friends with roadies, I’ve had a LOT of fun! Roadies are the best, they get you into more shows!  Partying with the DJs at WHFS in Bethesda, MD back in the day got me interested in radio, and I DJd as “Erica of the Airwaves” in college at Frostburg State. I’ve been in Charleston two years, DJd here for one year, and am always ready to rock and roll(ercoaster) you!

I LOVE all kinds of music. I’m not like many of our DJs at WTSQ, who I really admire – those who have a vast knowledge of every album, artist, and could teach you all you need to know.  I just know what makes me HOT, sad, moved or brings up memories I sometimes share. I’m open to all kinds of music, and the scene in Charleston has really opened my ears to more!  I’m spontaneous and emotional, so you don’t know what you’ll get musically or verbally!

Tune in on TUESDAYS from 8pm – 10pm to hear me on Group E for what I’ll say and play! Don’t forget to LIKE my Facebook page!




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